Nutrition Avenue Customer Testimonials

The statements below are actual testimonials from Nutrition Avenue clients:

Between the family enviroment, friendly coaches, and non-intimidating help that I received in getting to my goals - I am thankful for Nutrition Avenue.

- Sandy J.

When I came in for my free body analysis and wellness evaluation, they never pre-judged or made me feel bad for the shape I was in. Instead, they gave me encouragement and a detailed plan that let me know that I could reach any goal that I set!

- Samantha S.

I would drink these shakes even if they were not good for you. They are just that amazing!

- Kendra V.

To know that I can have something that makes you feel like you are cheating while getting healthy is amazing. I am addicted. I can't get enough!

- Grace V.

The fact that I can eat the foods that I like, and still get healthy is an amazing concept. I have tried many other 'deprevation diets' - and they don't work. I love how the coaches teach you to make small lifestyle changes to not only lose weight, but to keep it off!

- Sarah M.

The new sports nutrition line is amazing! I was able to not only gain healthy weight, but also drop my body fat percentage and improve my performance. The fact that their sports nutrition products are tested for banned substances is also a big plus.

- Bryson J.

It's funny how something that tastes so good can help you so much.

- Thomas T.

I started drinking the Herbal Energy Tea before going to the gym, and I have never had a better workout. Following that workout with a smoothie is the perfect combination. This place is great!

- Patrick S.

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